André Comeau

Ph.D., researcher in plant selection, CETAB+

Dr. Comeau had a long and fruitful career (at Agriculture Canada, Ste-Foy), involved in the development of new cereal varieties by conventional plant breeding processes. He contributed to the creation of the popular otat cultivar AC Rigodon, which is used in food and feed, and then moved gradually into wheat breeding. Several popular wheat cultivars contain resistance genes he hasd identified. In February 2015, a new wheat cultivar derived from his former research program has again been recommended for registration for Quebec. This bread wheat has resistance to Fusarium Head Blight. Since 2013 Dr. Comeau works with CETAB+ on projects that are important for organic crop production.

He will discuss the importance of plant breeding for the development of organic farming, and show preliminary results of the first project with CETAB+ : the development of a very early variety of rye, which would be suitable for use as a mulch in organic crop management.

CETAB+'s mission

Develop organic agriculture and contribute to the prosperity of businesses in the sector.

Foster local agri-food systems that are beneficial for businesses and society.