Joseph Templier

Inventor, co-manager and technical reference, Atelier Paysan

Joseph Templier is a do-it-yourself builder who has invented three tools for use with permanent beds in organic market-garden production. He is also a master market farmer, an associate of GAEC des Jardins du temple in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, where for a number of years he cultivated 8 ha of market gardens using a permanent bed growing system that enabled him to obtain outstanding soil conditions. He is also the co-author of the book Guide de l'autoconstruction: outils pour le maraîchage biologique, published in 2012.

Drawing on his years of experience of do-it-yourself building, training, and the development of small-farmer organizations both with Adabio Autoconstruction and l'Atelier Paysan, Mr. Templier will talk about participatory and small-farmer research and development, in addition to giving us his impressions of market-garden production following a tour of Québec carried out with CETAB+ last fall.

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