Joséphine Peigné

Ph.D. researcher at ISARA Lyon (Ecole supérieure d’agriculture de Lyon)

Joséphine Peigné, who holds a doctorate in agronomy from AgroCampusOuest (France), has been working in organic agriculture for over 15 years. Her initial research focused on the environmental impacts of organic farming. Since joining ISARA-Lyon, she has been working on organic tilth techniques, particularly no-till techniques, and soil fertility. One of her specific research issues is the influence of living organisms on the function of soil and how they help crops. Through this work, she has also contributed to developing methods of soil observation (soil profile, spade test) with farmers from AB Français.

Joséphine will share her knowledge, the fruit of 10 years of research on reduced tillage, direct sowing and green manure in organic field crops as part of the major European TILMAN-ORG project.

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