Maryse Leblanc

Ph.D., agronomist, weed science researcher, IRDA

Maryse has a doctorate and a masters in weed science from McGill University. Her areas of research are physical and cultural methods of weed eradication (flame weeding, mechanical weeding, allelopathic crops, bio-fumigation) and weed biology and ecology. She is the co-author of many scientific and technical articles, book chapters, and scientific posters, and has lectured on provincial, national and international stages.

Ms. Leblanc will present the results of her research into common ragweed and its eradication in organic soil and growing. This weed is highly adaptable to various situations, making it very competitive. Her lecture will focus on the study of its biology and methods of combating it in Québec, such as mechanical weeding, flame weeding, hilling, primary tillage, and the gathering of beating residues.

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