Robin Fortin

Organic farmer, La Berceuse farm

Robin began organic market gardening in 1997 with his partner Réjean Forget. La Berceuse has expanded considerably to the point where 30 vegetables and fruits (with 225 different varieties) are grown on its 5 ha. A successful entrepreneur, Robin markets his produce using the CSA formula, and at the Godefroi public markets in Bécancour, the Drummondville market and Jean-Talon market, with the CAPÉ Bio-Locaux.

Robin will share his vision of agricultural entrepreneurship, the importance of supportive collaborators in attaining business prosperity, and the usefulness of adopting a strategic view of development.

CETAB+'s mission

Develop organic agriculture and contribute to the prosperity of businesses in the sector.

Foster local agri-food systems that are beneficial for businesses and society.